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Our New Year’s Resolutions Revolve Around Our Customers!

Our New Year’s Resolutions Revolve Around Our Customers!

January 28, 2013

Happy New Year to you and all your friends and family – from all of us here at Chicago Nut & Bolt!

Did you make your New Year’s resolutions this year? According to various studies and polls, there are personal resolutions that come up again and again each year. People also say they plan on losing weight… quit smoking… learn something new… spend more time with family… save money … and be less stressed. Chicago Nut & Bolt made a few New Year resolutions, too! (Keeping our customers in mind, of course.)

  • Improve services any way we can. We’ve got 20 years of experience under our belt with custom-made fasteners, warehousing, engineering and prototype work, as well as short lead times, and even the ability to accommodate an emergency rush order overnight, but we are always looking for ways to give our customers even more. Please let us know if there’s something we can do for you!
  • Reach out to new customers. Because we offer custom fasteners and standard fasteners for all application types, and we have the capability to sell single quantities — or up to hundreds of thousands of pieces at a time — Chicago Nut & Bolt is the right supplier for every company, large or small.
  • Improve efficiencies. That speaks for itself, doesn’t it? We are constantly looking for ways to improve! How else to stay relevant in the market place?
  • Decrease lead times. This goes hand-in-hand with resolution #1. So whether you need your order on a moment’s notice, overnight or within hours, we’re able to get it to you. Even without “RUSH” marked on the purchase order, standard delivery is just one week.
  • Hold inventory and release it as needed. For example, we can ‘warehouse’ a year’s product volume so it doesn’t pile up on the job site. That’s a lot more convenient for our customers!

It’s the New Year and while our resolutions here at Chicago Nut & Bolt can’t help you quit smoking or lose weight, our top five resolutions can help your company save time and money! Here’s to 2013!

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