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Military And Defense

Fasteners, permanent or non-permanent mechanical tools that combine and fix two surfaces or objects, are necessary hardware devices used for many engineering-related applications. At Chicago Nut & Bolt, we make custom fasteners like bolts, screws, nuts, using different methods.

How Are Fasteners Made?

Different ways to produce fasteners depend on the type of fastener, material, and quantity. Here are the three most commonly used methods:


Machining is an excellent method for making fasteners. The benefits of this technique include precision, excellent tolerances, and the ability to produce complex shapes and geometries. Some machining processes for fastener manufacturing include cutting, drilling, turning, milling, and grinding.

Cold Forming

Cold forming is a widely used method for making fasteners because it is fast and limits the amount of material waste. The different types of cold-forming methods include upsetting, extrusion, and rolling.

Hot Forging

Hot forging is one of the most efficient methods of making fasteners. This process produces little waste and enhances a workpiece’s strength, flexibility, and toughness. In addition, hot forging is used when a fastener cannot be created through machining or cold forming.

These methods are used on various materials like steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze. Fasteners made from these metals are used to supply fasteners to different industries, including the defense and military industry.

Military-Grade Custom Bolts and Fasteners

Military-grade products like bolts and fasteners are held to a higher standard than hardware products used and sold commercially; these are called “mil-spec.” They are used for equipment subjected to demanding conditions wherein they must perform reliably.

Mil-spec custom bolts are high-grade fasteners used in many industries and for several applications. These bolts have coarse or fine threads and are made using different materials. Fasteners like mil-spec bolts are known to be long-lasting and durable, and they can help a piece of equipment deliver high-quality results for challenging situations.

Aside from mil-spec bolts, these are the other types of mil-spec fasteners we make here at Chicago Nut & Bolt:

Mil-Spec Nuts

Mil-spec nuts are made of steel and paired with bolts to fasten materials for various industries.

Mil-Spec Self-Tapping Screws

A mil-spec self-tapping screw has a pan or round head and tapered tips that create threaded holes without needing pilot holes. This mil-spec fastener can be used on plastic and metal components.

Mil-Spec Machine Screws

Mil-spec machine screws do not have tapered ends. This mil-spec fastener is used to fasten machine parts.

Mil-Spec Sockets

Mil-spec sockets are made from stainless steel and alloy steel to achieve increased durability. In addition, this mil-spec fastener has a hexagonal cap used with Allen or hex wrenches.

Mil-Spec Washers

Mil-spec washers are used for securing nuts and bolts. This mil-spec fastener comes in different varieties like a flat, split lock, screw, external tooth lock, and internal tooth lock.

Chicago Nut & Bolt’s Custom Bolts and Fasteners for Military and Defense

Chicago Nut & Bolt works with various defense and military organizations and contractors to create custom mil-spec bolts and fasteners that meet the required specifications. These specifications include MIL-S-1222, MIL-DTL-1222, FF-S-85, and FF-S-86.

We have also successfully supplied custom mil-spec bolts and fasteners for Lockheed Martin, Martin Marietta, the U.S. Armed Forces, and Ashot Ashkelon. In addition, Chicago Nut & Bolt helps provide manufacturers easy access to the custom hardware they need to bolster the production of defense and military equipment.

The Industry Leader In High-Quality Fastener Products

Chicago Nut & Bolt has been in the custom fastener business for more than 30 years. We are your best choice for all your custom fastener needs! We can work with different specifications or blueprints to serve the needs of various industries and all application types. In addition, our capacity allows us to sell single quantities of up to thousands of pieces at a time!

Contact us at Chicago Nut & Bolt today for your high-quality fastener products.