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Railroad Industry

Chicago Nut & Bolt has been the industry leader in high-quality fastener products for more than 30 years  Standard fasteners are available for a wide range of applications, including agricultural equipment, military, and defense equipment, marine equipment, and construction equipment. We also serve a variety of industries, such as mining equipment manufacturers, engine manufacturing, locomotive and railcar manufacturers, railroad construction, heavy equipment manufacturers, and agricultural equipment manufacturers.

Chicago Nut & Bolt provides on-time and reliable parts that are used in maintenance and repair services to locomotive equipment manufacturers. Our experience ranges from working with small businesses to projects with some of the industry’s biggest names, including GE Transportation/Wabtec, MBTA, Progress Rail, Vossloh, NYCTA, and the Chicago Transit Authority. We supply them with high-quality fasteners that can withstand the elements while allowing transportation to run smoothly.

Rail-Specific Fasteners

The railroad industry is attributed to increased demand for dependability, speed, and timeliness. The following are the different types of fasteners sorted by their applications:

Railcar Body

A railcar body must be highly stable and dependable to ensure the passengers’ safety. Thus, it must use fasteners made of high-strength and durable materials, have high corrosion resistance, and can easily be assembled and disassembled. They should also meet strict safety standards.

The most commonly used fasteners for the railcar body include slotted self-locking nuts, lock bolts, tensioner nuts, and grounding studs.

Vehicle Bogie

The bogie is the chassis or structure beneath a railway vehicle to which the wheels are attached via bearings. For the vehicle to operate smoothly, the bogie must have good suspension and damping. Therefore, the fasteners must be vibration-proof, resistant to corrosion and extreme temperature changes, and capable of maintaining assembly clamp force.

Fasteners for vehicle bogies include wedge locking washers, hex head locking screws, tension control bolts, and lock washers.

Railcar Vehicle Interior

When designing and manufacturing the interior of a railcar vehicle such as a train, the passengers’ traveling comfort and safety are two of the most important considerations. These are in line with the durability of the luggage racks, grab poles, chairs, and folding tables. Fasteners with a wide range of functionality are required to meet these requirements.

Supply Unit

The supply unit refers to the power source, usually a locomotive or a generator car located at the front of a railroad vehicle. This application is critical for passenger convenience and quick and easy access to equipment repairs and maintenance. Therefore, the fasteners must be easily replaceable. They should also be reusable for assembly and disassembly and suitable for simple and safe installation.

High-Quality Fasteners From Chicago Nut & Bolt

Our professional experience working with custom-made hardware allows us to quickly fulfill any fastener request, including flange bolts, washers, heavy hex cap screws, nuts, studs, and more! Moreover, our ISO-certified fasteners can all be customized and ordered individually or in bulk.

Chicago Nut & Bolt can help the railroad industry with our fast turnaround and ease of specification. Contact us today for your high-quality fastener products!