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"We were rehabbing the Madison Street bridge in downtown Chicago. I called Chicago Nut & Bolt on a Friday and told them I needed 750 bolts with nuts and washers, all hot-dip galvanized by that evening or I'd have to send 50 people home for the weekend. I half expected them to hang up on me, but instead, they said 'no problem.' Sure enough, CNB had the parts at the job site by 8pm that evening."

- Materials Manager, American Bridge Company

"It's hard to find a vendor that can meet every one of our custom requirements-from special head markings to custom plating and packing. Chicago Nut & Bolt not only makes what we need, they do it in a timely fashion."

- Materials Manager at Deere Hitachi

"Chicago Nut & Bolt has made my job easier by coordinating the delivery of our custom fasteners. Their steady stream of parts keeps our production moving."

- Senior Buyer, Detroit Diesel

"Chicago Nut & Bolt is one of those rare companies that goes out of its way to please the customer. No matter how unusual our request, Chicago Nut & Bolt delivers without blinking an eye."

- Purchasing Manager. Ingersoll Rand

"When we needed a special fastener for a safety device on one of our machines, we went directly to the source. Chicago Nut & Bolt worked with our engineers to design and manufacture exactly what we needed."

- Prototype Buyer for 3M

"Very few suppliers share our same commitment to quality. Our standards may be demanding, but Chicago Nut & Bolt has what it takes to be a Caterpillar-Approved supplier."

- Senior Quality Engineer, Caterpillar