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Mining Industry

The mining industry requires high-quality bolts and fastening products that are durable, strong, and efficient. In addition, vibration and corrosion resistance are important requirements that most mining equipment manufacturers look for when selecting the best bolts, screws, and fasteners.

At Chicago Nut & Bolt, we manufacture custom bolts and fasteners for the mining industry, allowing for the production of dependable equipment and machinery. We are also ISO 9001: 2001 certified and can meet our clients’ projects while adhering to internal proprietary guidelines.

Common Fasteners for Mining Applications

Several mining applications require high-performance fasteners and components. These applications include vibrating conveyors and loaders, crushing and compacting equipment, mining machinery, rail cars, and material-handling devices.

The fasteners commonly used in mining applications are as follows:

Structural Washers

When it comes to custom mechanical and structural applications that require durable fasteners, structural washers are the go-to solution. These heavy-duty washers come in two types: flat structural washers and square beveled structural washers. Moreover, they can be engineered with wider or thicker head dimensions than ASTM standards to provide greater strength and stability.

Custom structural washers can also be manufactured with different strength properties than standard grades 2, 5, and 8 to ensure optimal performance in mining environments. They can also be modified with extra-large diameters, extra-long lengths, or specific dimensions and types to ensure a secure fit.

Heavy Hex Cap Screws

Heavy hex cap screws are frequently threaded into tapped holes in machinery or equipment. They have a large fastener head that distributes clamping load and a washer face beneath the head. In the mining industry, they are essential in equipment and devices that crush and compact soils, minerals, and other materials.

However, when standard fasteners do not meet the requirements, Chicago Nut & Bolt can develop custom solutions that provide optimal performance in their specific applications. These solutions include custom fasteners with unique head dimensions, different strength properties, and tight tolerances for harsh environments.

Screw materials include the following:

  • Stainless steel
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Low, medium and alloy steels
  • Zinc, chrome, or nickel-plated steel
  •  High nickel content alloys
  • Brass, bronze, and copper alloy steel

Heavy Hex Nuts

Although slightly thicker, heavy hex nuts have the same nominal diameter as standard hex nuts. They are precisely 1/8 in. wider across the flats than a standard hex nut, necessitating a larger socket or wrench to install. In addition, they have a greater proof load strength than a hex nut. They are also available in various grades, with the heavy pattern used for large-diameter and high-strength bolts.

  • Grade A: usually paired with low-carbon heavy hex bolts
  • Grade C: recommended for use with A325 structural bolts
  • A194 Grade 2H: recommended for use with bolts in high-pressure and high-temperature applications
  • A563 Grade DH: typically used with A490 Type 1 structural bolts
  • A563 Grade DH3: used with A490 Type 3 structural bolts

At Chicago Nut & Bolt, we understand that sometimes standard ranges of heavy hex nuts may not meet your specific requirements, either dimensionally or physically. That’s why we offer custom-made heavy hex nuts that can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

Threaded Rods

Threaded rods function as pins to fasten or connect two materials. They also stabilize structures and can be inserted into concrete, wood, or metal to temporarily create a steady base during construction or for permanent installation. Moreover, threaded rods facilitate the attachment of other fasteners, such as nuts and bolts.

The following are the various standard types of threaded rods:

  • Fully threaded stud bolts: have threading that runs the entire length of the rod, enabling nuts and other fasteners to link completely at any point along the bar
  • Double-end studs: have threading at both ends of the stud but are threaded only some way up the center
  • Tap-end studding: resemble double-end studs in appearance, but the threaded part is longer at one end than the other
  • Fine threaded rod: thinner and closer together than standard or coarse varieties, making them suitable for vibration-prone equipment

Choose Chicago Nut & Bolt for the Best Fasteners

For more than 30 years, Chicago Nut & Bolt has been delivering custom-made fasteners with quick turnarounds for the biggest names in the mining industry, including Komatsu Mining, Caterpillar, and Cincinnati Mine Machinery! We also stock a wide selection of products — from hex cap screws and square head bolts to socket head cap screws — to work with client blueprints or prototype a solution.

Contact us today for high-quality fastener products, or request a quote to get started with us!