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Construction Equipment

Every heavy equipment manufacturing project requires fasteners to maintain a stable and strong final construction. They hold and connect each component or part, resulting in durable, safe, high-performance equipment. Some examples of construction equipment that require fasteners include loaders, backhoes, compactors, and tower cranes.

Chicago Nut & Bolt is the go-to fastener supplier for construction equipment manufacturers to guarantee that construction never stops. We offer a large selection of custom-made nuts, bolts, screws, and washers, allowing us to meet our client’s demands, including some of the industry’s biggest names like Wabtec, John Deere Construction Equipment, Komatsu, Telsmith, and Caterpillar.

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Standard Fasteners for Construction Equipment Manufacturing

Construction fasteners are a broad category of tools used to connect two objects mechanically. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, and the following are the most common fasteners used in heavy equipment and construction:

Nuts and Bolts

The construction industry heavily relies on nuts and bolts to ensure the stability and safety of their equipment. Typically used in pairs, these fasteners securely hold the various components of construction equipment together. Examples of equipment include forklifts, cranes, and bulldozers.

Chicago Nut & Bolt offers custom components for construction equipment catering to specialized applications. The customization may include longer lengths, custom thread lengths, special diameters, special coatings, and unique material grades. This helps ensure the utmost safety and durability of the construction equipment.


Screws are versatile fasteners with a wide range of applications in manufacturing various construction equipment. They have a cylindrical body with a corkscrew-shaped ridge and a head with an array of shapes. Although they appear similar to bolts, they have the significant advantage of not requiring nuts to fasten them into place.


Rivets are the best fasteners to create a permanent connection between two equipment parts or components. They have a cylindrical shaft, and the tail and head are on opposite sides. Furthermore, their tails can be expanded with special tools to ensure they remain firmly in place.

The rivets frequently used in heavy equipment are split, blind, solid, and semi-tubular.

High-Quality Fasteners From Chicago Nut & Bolt

Heavy equipment requires dependable parts, and Chicago Nut & Bolt constantly provides fasteners for almost any material and construction application to meet our client’s specifications! We specialize in custom work, allowing us to complete any job quickly. In addition, we meet ISO 9001:2001 certification standards for all construction equipment manufacturing!

We always strive to help construction equipment manufacturers maintain their development focus.

Whether you need a few pieces or a million, we are honored to work with you to find the best solution for your fastener needs!

Contact us for more information on our fasteners or request a quote to partner with us!