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Fastener Engineering & Prototyping

Fastener prototyping is an important step in product development that includes developing and testing various types of fasteners to hold components together. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that products are manufactured efficiently, focusing on quality and performance. It also requires the selection of appropriate materials and manufacturing procedures and the evaluation of fastener performance.

In addition to material selection and performance testing, fastener prototyping is vital in ensuring product safety. Poorly manufactured fasteners can lead to product failure and even injury or harm to users. By thoroughly analyzing the fastener’s performance through prototyping, manufacturers can identify any potential safety issues before the product reaches the market.

Another technique is reverse engineering, which includes disassembling an existing product to learn about its structure and functionality. This method can be used to create functional fastener prototypes that are identical to the product. Nonetheless, both prototyping and reverse engineering can aid in developing better fasteners by finding areas for improvement through performance analysis.

Cost-Effective Fastening Solutions

Chicago Nut & Bolt can offer fastening solutions that adhere to customers’ detailed specifications and financial constraints. Our technical staff is qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable in providing secure, dependable, and economical services.

Whether lathed, cold-forged, hot-forged, machined, stamped, punched, or assembled, our specialty is in manufacturing fasteners that do the job. Our technical teams work closely with clients to ensure that our products suit their applications and adhere to the required performance criteria.

Our fastener engineering experts at Chicago Nut & Bolt will identify the best way to reduce costs without compromising quality! Our offerings include the following:

  • Analysis, and performance testing of products
  • Quick prototype and sampling
  • Value engineering and analysis
  • Fastener selection for each application

Quick-Turnaround Prototyping Services

Chicago Nut & Bolt can provide quick-turnaround prototypes of small- and large-volume orders of production-quality fasteners. Before committing to mass production, you may swiftly test, assess, and improve production-grade samples with our prototype solutions.

Our team of seasoned professionals ensures that products are manufactured to the highest standards. We have the expertise and experience to provide the best solution for your needs, whether you need high-strength steel fasteners for aerospace applications or solutions for automotive products.

Our prototyping solutions offer the following advantages:

  • Special materials available upon request
  • Numerous types of coatings & platings
  • Reliable and shorter lead times

Reliable and High-Quality Fastener Prototyping Services From Chicago Nut & Bolt

With experienced customer service specialists, Chicago Nut & Bolt can take care of all your custom fastener needs without a blueprint or other specific details!

To ensure rapid prototyping, we stock blanks in different styles and sizes, including socket head cap screws, structural bolts, hex flange bolts, and carriage bolts. We also carry a variety of other unified, threaded, and metric fasteners.

Our fastener prototypes will follow your geometry, joint design, and structure requirements. We also offer material selection assistance to meet the demands of your applications for temperature change, corrosion resistance, and vibration resistance. Additionally, Chicago Nut & Bolt prototypes can be completed in various ways, including plating or painting.

Whether it is one or a million pieces or prototypes, Chicago Nut & Bolt delivers! No order is too small or too large to command our full attention.

Contact us to book a project consultation or request a quote today!

Fastener Engineering & Prototyping Capabilities

Low or Medium Carbon Steel
Medium Carbon Alloy Steel
Medium Carbon Steel, Q & T
Raw Steel
Stainless Steel
Part Diameter (Imperial) 1/4 to 4 in
Part Diameter (Metric) M6 to M18
Maximum Part Length Up to 72 in
Fastener Types
Carriage Bolt
Flat Head Socket Screw
Hex Cap Screw
Hex Flange
Socket Head Cap Screw
Square Head
Structural Bolt
Tap Bolt
Head Types
Pan Head
Button Head
Drive Types
One Way
Nut Types
Surface Finish
Options Available
Different Head Styles
Drilled Holes
Extra Thread
Special Body Diameter
Special Extra-Large / Extra-Long Fasteners
Machining Services
Thread Grinding
Thread Rolling
Value Added Services
Bin Stocking Programs
Blanket Orders
Custom Plating
JIT Delivery
Package to Order
Warehousing- EDI Capable, Fully Integrated Dock-to-Stock Supply
Testing Capabilities Tensile Test
Yield Test
Testing Equipment Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine with computer-based, automated, closed loop digital servo control and data acquisition system.
Design Software Used AutoCAD
Acceptable File Formats

Additional Information

Quantities 1 piece to 10 million pieces
Minimum Order $ 250
Quality Control Certifications
A2LA Registered - As Compliant with the Fastener Quality Act
ISO:9001 2000 Certified
Lloyd's Register System
Lloyd's Register Production
ASTM Standards
Pressure Vessel Certification
Industries Served