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Marine Industry

For more than 30 years  Chicago Nut & Bolt has been the frontrunner in delivering high-quality fastener products. We supply standard and custom fasteners to various industries, including agriculture, railroad, military and defense, construction, marine, mining, and engine manufacturing. We also provide fastener engineering and prototyping, warehousing, and rush work to meet our customers’ needs.

Chicago Nut & Bolt provides solutions to marine industry manufacturers who require custom bolts and marine fasteners that can withstand wet conditions and submersion. We offer ISO-certified fasteners and can meet the internal standards of any organization for these maritime manufacturers. Our marine industry clients include Allison Transmission, Mitsubishi Naval, Rolls Royce Naval Marine, and the United States Navy.

Types of Fasteners for Marine Applications

Numerous applications call for a wide range of marine components and fasteners. These parts are intended to ensure a quality product for manufacturers of boats, rigs, docks, and commercial and naval ships.

Metal Lock Nuts

Metal lock nuts are used to secure bearings to a shaft and are intended to prevent component loosening due to vibration and rotation. These fasteners are essential for marine transportation, like fishing boats, ships, ferries, towboats, and tugboats.

Standard metal lock nuts include flange, keps, stover, and two-way reversible lock nuts.

Carriage Bolts

Carriage bolts connect wood to wood, metal to metal, and wood to metal. Their unique shape allows the bolt to self-lock when placed through a square hole, which is especially useful when dealing with metal. They are commonly used in producing boat and ship components like helm and fishing seats, folding seats, pontoon boat seats, lounge seats, and other table and seat hardware.

The most common carriage bolts include roundhead and rib-necked bolts, flathead and square-necked bolts, and fin-necked bolts.

Socket Head Fasteners

Socket head fasteners are commonly used in marine applications with insufficient room to maneuver wrenches or sockets. These include die fixturing, machining, and clamping boat and ship parts located in cramped corners.

Some commonly used socket head fasteners include socket head cap screws, flat head socket caps, button head socket caps, ferry cap screws, and low head socket cap screws.

Lag Bolts

Lag bolts or lag screws are among the most durable fasteners. These robust fasteners are typically used in the marine industry to connect heavy lumber or other heavy materials bearing a heavy load.

The most common materials for lag bolts are zinc, stainless steel, silicone bronze, and galvanized steel.

Machine Bolts

Machine bolts are used to fasten two material pieces. They are similar to hex bolts but do not have a grooved point and are not designed with a washer-bearing surface on the underside of the head. They are commonly available in both hex and square head configurations.

Flat Washers

Flat washers, also known as plain washers, are used in various marine applications to distribute the fastener’s load while minimizing friction and heat during the tightening process. They are also used as spacers, common in domestic and industrial applications.

Several types of flat washers include fender washers, hardened washers, metric flat washers, inch flat washers, and stainless steel flat washers.

Only the Best Fasteners From Chicago Nut & Bolt

Chicago Nut & Bolt specializes in custom-made hardware that meets a client’s specific needs. Our custom components can be tiny, massive, anything in between, or whatever your blueprint requires — in quantities from one to millions! We also supply standard sizes of hex cap screws, flange bolts, studs, and other marine industry hardware.

We create custom, high-quality fasteners that meet ISO certifications. This is how Chicago Nut & Bolt has managed to keep the marine industry afloat for over three decades!

Contact us today for more information on our products and services, or request a quote and let us help you complete your project!