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How To Get the Right Custom Fasteners

How To Get the Right Custom Fasteners

July 11, 2023

Fasteners are the backbone of any mechanical assembly, holding everything together and ensuring the structural integrity of the final product. Thus, choosing the wrong type, size, material, or finish can lead to catastrophic product or equipment failure, expensive repairs, and safety issues. However, finding the right fasteners for a particular application can be daunting.

This article will focus on selecting the right custom fasteners for your next project.

Key Considerations in Choosing the Right Custom Fasteners

When selecting the right custom fasteners, here are the factors to consider before making a choice:

Fastener Materials

Fasteners are available in various materials, each with unique properties and advantages. The most common options include the following:

  • Metal: These are the most common and are available in a range of materials, including steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, and copper. Metal fasteners are known for their strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion.
  • Plastic: Plastic fasteners are lightweight, non-conductive, and corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for applications where weight, conductivity, or corrosion are a concern.
  • Composite: Composite fasteners use carbon fiber and epoxy. They are lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant and can be used in various applications.

Fastener Needs

Before selecting custom fasteners for your project, consider factors such as the application, load capacity, and environmental conditions. This can aid in determining the type of fastener that will best meet your project’s or assembly’s requirements.

Fastener Type

The type of fastener you choose will depend on the specific requirements of your project. Here are the types to choose from:


Bolts are designed to connect aligned unthreaded holes by being placed through the aligned holes and secured with the bolt’s nut. They are essential in providing strength and stability to assemblies, ensuring they remain intact and function effectively.


Screws are intended to be placed into pre-drilled holes. They are available in various sizes and varieties, such as wood screws, machine screws, and self-tapping screws.


Nuts are utilized in combination with bolts to fasten numerous things together. Hex nuts, wing nuts, and cap nuts are just a few of the different shapes and sizes available.


Washers, along with nuts and bolts, are used to distribute load and protect the surface of the fastened object.


Pins are used to temporarily fasten objects together or hold them in place. They come in a range of sizes and types, including cotter pins, hitch pins, and spring pins.

Fastener Strength and Load Capacity

Understanding fastener strength and load capacity is important. They ensure that the fasteners you use can withstand the forces and stresses they will be subjected to in your specific application. The most common measures of fastener strength are tensile, yield, and shear strengths.

Fastener Finish

When selecting a finish for your custom fasteners, consider the environmental conditions they will be exposed to and the aesthetic requirements of your project. Common finishes for fasteners include:

  • Zinc plating: a popular and cost-effective fasteners finish with good corrosion resistance
  • Galvanized: coated with a layer of zinc to protect against corrosion, making them suitable for harsh environments
  • Stainless steel: highly resistant to corrosion and ideal for applications where exposure to moisture and other environmental factors is a concern
  • Black oxide: a finish that provides a decorative black appearance to fasteners while improving their corrosion resistance
  • Nickel plating: a durable finish with good corrosion resistance and is suitable for harsh environments

Supplier Quality Control

Choosing the right custom fasteners supplier is crucial to receiving high-quality, reliable products. Look for suppliers with experience in your industry and a reputation for delivering on their promises. Additionally, before using custom fasteners in your project, testing them to ensure that they meet your specific requirements and quality standards is important.

Chicago Nut & Bolt has been a trusted supplier in the custom fastener business for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality fastener products that meet our customers’ requirements. We are also proud to be ISO certified, demonstrating our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Furthermore, we have customers across various industries, including American Bridge Company, Deere Hitachi, and many more. Because of our expertise and dedication to quality, these strong brands and customers trust us with their custom fastener needs.

High-Quality Custom Fasteners from Chicago Nut & Bolt

At Chicago Nut & Bolt, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality custom fasteners. Our in-house laboratory and personnel ensure that every product we sell meets your specific requirements and quality standards!

Contact us today, and let us help you find the perfect solution for your project!

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